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Collaborative List of Scheduled Twitter Chats

30 Sep

A cool Google Spreadsheet has been circulating around that details a large variety of live twitter chats that are occurring on a regular basis.

Each chat uses a unique hashtag to facilitate scheduled live conversations via twitter. Everyone is free to add to this list,  and when I last looked there were 556 simultaneousness viewing it.

Take a look through to see if there are any topics that are of particular interest to you.

twitter chat schedule

Kudos to @swanwick for getting this list started

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Using Twitter to Strengthen Your Online Community

07 Jul

Twitter can be a great tool to use in support of your online community building efforts.

Here are 3 different online communities I’ve seen leverage twitter to facilitate success:

1) Adobe groups

Adobe twitter list

Adobe Groups uses a twitter list to display the activity of 450+ of their members right on the community homepage. This list is maintained by their community manager and is a great way to engage with their audience.

Using this list provides value in a variety of ways:

(1) Does a great job at exposing the personalities of community members

(2) Gives members an easy way to keep up with each other (by simply choosing to follow the twitter list)

(3) Provides Adobe Groups Community Manager with insight into the activities of their members , exposing great opportunities to engage and reward.

2) The Community Roundtable

The Community Roundtable leverages twitter through the use of an account created specifically for their community @TheCR. I love the variety of ways they use this account to support their efforts

CR - recruitment

Welcoming new members
CR - welcome new members

Highlighting active members
 Highlight Active Members

Connecting members with each other
CR - Connecting members with each other
This is a strong example of how a community specific twitter account can strengthen relationships and expose your community to new members.
3) The Business Exchange

The Business Exchange community uses the twitter account @BXBW to support its Featured User program.  In association with displaying the Featured User on the homepage, they do a tweet encouraging their followers to connect.

Businessweek FU pageBusinessweek

As a member of the Business Exchange, I can speak first hand on the value of this program. I had discontinued being active and nearly abandoned my account, and becoming the Featured User provided me with an influx of traffic to my blog and effectively re-engaged me.

What other examples have you seen of online communities using twitter to support their building efforts?

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