[Video] Chris Brogan Presentation at New Media Atlanta

02 Dec

I’m a big fan of Chris Brogan. He has become one of the most prominent figures in blogging and social media essentially by being himself.

He is a little rough around the edges – but is genuine, insightful and very engaging. I highly recommend reading the recent book Trust Agents, which Chris co-wrote with Julien Smith. I read it 4 months ago, and have seen a big uptake in the effectiveness of my social media campaigns as a result of applying its techniques.

My most important takeaway?

Promote others 12 times as often as you promote yourself. Seems excessive, but if you’re trying to make strong connections and build advocacy – these type of goodwill touch points are highly influential.

Anyway – I encourage you to watch this presentation he gave at New Media Atlanta last month. Its a long video in blog terms, but is full of great information and well worth the time.

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